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Hightech-coatings of the next generation...

Since 2002 Nanoprotect has concerned itself with the development, production and sales of products resulting from chemical nanotechnology.
Wherever situations occur requiring cleaning or care, we are able to offer coating materials which, through their protective action extend the lifetime, or lengthen the periods between cleaning operations – these in turn reducing costs and reducing negative effects on the environment. We are able to offer corrosion protection and long-term protection of wood and natural stone/glass surfaces, aluminium facades, plastic building materials and also have an answer to the graffiti problem. Our palette of products is aimed at private household as well as industry, trade and professionals.
To stand still is, for us, to take a step backwards. Our research department works constantly on optimising existing products and are much concerned with the topics of  “The Protection of Health” and “Care of the Environment”. We are in a position to develop products for specific applications and to market these. Our customers are able to acquire “tailor-made” products for their specific purposes.
We are however not magicians; and for this reason our advertising slogans are inclined to be conservative. Products are offered by us only after exhaustive tests.
Nanoprotect is independent both financially and in it's business operations. We have a lean company structure, with only six employees, thus making an attractive price structure possible. We are flexible and able to immediately react to new situations. We stand-by our products throughout all stages of sales and marketing and are well acquainted with all applications, problems and the subsequent questions from our clientele.
Nanoprotect products are not only available in Europe. Through our partners in, for example, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Korea, USA and many other locations we have aroused world-wide interest in our products.
High quality products at fair prices combined with business ability and competent customer care are the hallmarks of Nanoprotect. Our valuable experience in the field of wholesale and retail sales and in the export markets make Nanoprotect a very interesting business partner for you...
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